6 Reasons To Shave Your Head With BaldiePro

The long-awaited BaldiePro head shaver is finally available… and it’s already become a smash hit among bald (and balding) men, who are raving about it all over social media.

Fans of the new shaver include NFL players, UFC fighters, professional wrestlers, and thousands of bald men — who say the BaldiePro is faster, more comfortable, and gives you a closer shave than any other shaver on the market.

So, what’s so special about this new shaver? As it turns out, there are many reasons why BaldiePro has become the #1 choice for balding men — this thing is an absolute game-changer. Here’s what people are saying…

1. BaldiePro is the FASTEST head shaver on the market… it gives you a complete head shave in less than 3 minutes!

That’s right… BaldiePro can give you a complete, perfectly close head shave… in less than 3 minutes!

If you shave your own head, you know that’s INSANELY fast… heck, it even sounds dangerous! (If you tried to shave your head that fast with a different shaver or a razor, your scalp would end up a bloody, bumpy mess…)

But this is what makes BaldiePro stand out from all the other head shavers — it simply gets the job done faster… and it does a better job! Speaking of which…

2. BaldiePro gives you a perfect “baby smooth” head shave — every time.

Unlike other shavers that lack the power to effectively cut close to your scalp, BaldiePro features a 10,000 RPM motor — which is one of the fastest (if not THE fastest) on the market.

On top of that, BaldiePro’s circular 5-blade design prevents accidental cuts while helping you easily reach every area of your head. More blade heads means less of the blade passes over your skin, resulting in an ultra-close shave without any irritation.

Most importantly, BaldiePro comes with powerful SmoothShave™ blades, which perform optimally for up to 100 shaves and cut extremely close. They’re designed to cut right at the surface of your skin, rather than cutting beneath it. Altogether, these features prevent nasty bumps while allowing you to shave faster without worrying about razor burn or nicks and cuts.

3. BaldiePro doesn’t make a mess because it cleans up after itself

With other shavers, daily head shaving is a hassle in itself… and when you consider the hairy mess it leaves in the sink, it’s no wonder so many bald men avoid shaving every day.

This is where BaldiePro stands out yet again — its unique MessFree™ shave technology captures hair within the blades, so you don’t have to clean up afterward.

Even better, the BaldiePro itself is super easy to clean. It’s IPX7 waterproof, so you can easily rinse it under the sink after each shave and you’re good to go!

4. BaldiePro is a complete head grooming kit — it shaves ALL the hair on your head (including your ears, nose, and face!)

As any baldie will tell you, your head isn’t the only place hair grows… especially as you age.

That’s why BaldiePro was designed to be more than just a shaver — it’s actually a complete shaving kit that offers everything you need to cleanly shave your entire head (including your face, nose, and ears).

The full shaving kit includes:

  • Accessory Adapter: Allows you to quickly swap in the included nose, ear, and beard trimmers without fussing with other devices.
  • Exfoliation Brush: Helps remove dry, rough skin to keep your scalp shining and smooth.
  • Pre-Shave Scalp Massager: Prepares your hair and skin for the shave (and of course, it feels GREAT!)
  • 3-5-7mm Clipper Guards: Allows you to choose your preferred beard length.
  • Precision Clipper: Helps you reach areas that the main shaver can’t reach, such as behind the ears.
  • Nose & Ear Trimmer: Quickly eliminates the REST of the unwanted hair on your body.

5. BaldiePro is easy to use — you’ll master it on your first try.

Unlike other shavers, which are awkward to hold and aren’t designed for your head, using the BaldiePro is an absolute breeze — it has a unique ergonomic “handheld” grip that feels much more natural than standard shavers, while also making it easier to quickly shave your entire head in one smooth motion.

Even if you’ve never shaved your head before, you’ll find it surprisingly easy. Just grab it, rub it around your head, and move on with your day!

6. BaldiePro is portable and easy to travel with.

With BaldiePro, you’ll always look good — even when you’re away from home. The whole kit can easily fit in a standard toiletry bag, and it lasts for 90 minutes on a single charge (that’s a whole month’s worth of shaves!).

It even has an LED display that shows you how much battery life you have left, along with a Travel Lock to keep it from accidentally turning on. They really thought of everything!

Want to try the BaldiePro yourself? Read this first!

After years of anticipation, BaldiePro has finally been released to the public — and it’s everything we expected (and more)!

However, there’s one problem. Thanks to BaldiePro’s massive popularity, we’ve started seeing some cheap knockoffs out there. These shavers have copied the design, but they don’t have the blades… the motor… the accessories… or really, any of the featuresthat actually make BaldiePro such a revolutionary shaver.

As such, we highly suggest ONLY ordering directly from the BaldiePro creators. Avoid knockoffs and enjoy the best shave of your life by getting your BaldiePro directly from the official website!

UPDATE: Get your discount on BaldiePro here!

Good news! BaldiePro seems to be back in stock…

We can’t guarantee this will still be available, as BaldiePro is known for quick “flash sales” that disappear quickly. But if you’re ready to embrace baldness with style, check to see if the deal is still running using the link below:

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